20 May 2014

Frog Hoops: The NBA of Science

Frog Hoops

Frogs have powerful legs that helped one frog jump over 33 feet to win a world record! We designed a science game that teaches kids about frog adaptations, their predators, prey and habitats. We named it Frog Hoops. It’s the NBA of science! Check out our video and stay tuned for a chance to buy Frog Hoops this summer.

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27 Apr 2014

Hunger Games


Through Maker Kids, hundreds of students, just like me, are working on developing habitat, predator, prey and adaptation board, card and video games inspired by Expeditionary Learning’s Unit on Freaky Frogs. We began by doing research on unusual frogs in their habitats and identifying their “super power” adaptations. We have sketched out our ideas, written the rules to the games and are in final game development. In mid-May, we will share our creations with each other at a game developers conference hosted at PS 107.

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04 Dec 2013

Make Christopher’s Dare Devil Glider

dare devil glider

Check out my “Dare Devil Glider” video How To that is being used by teachers and other students across New York City schools to learn the basics of aviation.

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17 Jun 2012

Make Your Own Robot

Dexter's Robot

I made my own toy robot by tearing the top off a toy car and building a robot body on top of the car body with Erector set parts. I also added a motor to the middle of the robot’s body and attached a pinwheel. I connected the motor to the battery with a rubber band and alligator clips. Toy robots are similar to real robots because they are mechanical, but this robot is not programmed. We also learned how to program robots with LEGO WeDo. First we built the robots with LEGO bricks, then we told them what to do by dragging pictures (icons) on our computer screens. Soon we will be programming with a new Hummingbird robotics kit developed by a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon.

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